Love is hearing you cry for the first time and realizing the wait is over.

Love is when I set my eyes on you – the real love at first sight. It’s watching you for hours, so grateful that you are mine.

Love is hoping you would sleep for hours so I can rest; yet checking on you every five minutes ensuring I see the soft rise of your chest.

Love is breastfeeding you with painful breasts and sore nipples, poor latch-ons.

Love is sitting up all night propped against pillows with you on my chest because that’s the only position you are comfortable in.


Love is giggling, making cooing sounds and giving you a kiss on the cheek when you just sprayed me with pee and poo.

Love is holding and caring for you when you are ill, when all I want to do is crawl under bedcovers because I am ill too. It is being strong through it all just to make sure you are well cared for.

Love is sitting patiently for hours feeding you even when you purse your lips and barricade the opening to your mouth with your teeth.

Love is holding you up for a while and patting your back after a meal waiting for you to burp even if this is taking forever.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-11 at 7.37.46 PM

Love is thinking of you all day while I am at work wondering what you are up to and counting down to the time when your broad smile would engulf me in a welcome embrace. It is running away from you but missing you every minute I am away.

Love is watching an animation ten thousand times and laughing at funny scenes just because they make you laugh. It is me missing all my favourite movies because we are watching a little boy talking to inanimate things that talk back to him- hahahaha.

Love is going shopping for a few things for myself and returning with a truck load of things for you and absolutely nothing for me. Wait a minute, I forgot to get that camisole!

Love is singing, dancing and jumping ridiculously just to make your home-work seem mighty interesting.

Love is watching you roll around in dirt after just giving you a bath.

Love is you!


Happy Mothers’ Day Moms!

It’s amazing how much you learn about love when you become a mom. These are some of my examples. Write some of your Love is …. experiences in the comment section below.

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