IkIv (258 of 271)I grew up with foodies. Let’s start with my mom because she taught us to cook. Our foodie days started with her. Mom would cook in the kitchen and call out to us one by one to see how beautiful the food is. This happens even if we are standing right there in the kitchen.

“Look at this soup, its sooooo beautiful!”

“Mmmmm! See the colors in this pot; the greens, orange, the splash of red! Yummy!”

Sometimes we would eat, then sit there and talk about the food. It’s like savoring the meal even after it is finished. I think my mom just knows how to do that with life in general.

Egusi Soup

Next, my Dad.  He would repeat over and over again how whoever cooked the food did a very wonderful job. When we were much younger and my mom did all the cooking, he would lead us in a chorus while we ate -“mommy, the food is sweet and you are a good cook”. We later took over the kitchen from mom. When you pass by my parents eating, you just might overhear him telling my mom how much whoever cooked the food can cook. Basically, he enjoys every bite.

We nicknamed my brother ‘Chef de la chef’ because of the attention he puts into making meals. From making beans, to making noodles, to just frying eggs; he would set about it as though it was such a big deal. He also pays a lot of attention to presentation of meals even if he would be the only one eating it. His eating the food is a different matter. He would arrange and rearrange the food. Watching him would make your mouth water.


My sisters make delicious meals. One of them would even just invite some of her friends to hang out; she would make pancakes with fillings or even noodles or any other simple snack for them. The rest of us would not complain because we happily join in the celebration of food.


Sitting and eating food together is one of the beautiful memories we share today. Emphasis is not on eating all the time or being a glutton, but on enjoying the meal together.

Now, I make meals and admire the beauty of the splash of colors and remember those times, the meals we shared. It’s even a topic of discussion during phone calls. The first topic we discuss when we plan to hang out is the food that we would cook and sit together to enjoy.thai-peanut-salad-with-peanut-dressing-1024x749


In summary, if loving and savoring food makes me a foodie, then I am a foodie.

13 thoughts on “I AM A FOODIE

  1. I remember one time we had a hang out at yours at uwa street. I can’t remember if it was you or meme who made that salad that was laid so beautifully.

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