I missed my period! My periods are regular, like clockwork. I am never late. I have been late only about 3 times since my period started when I was 9 years old- once when I was very stressed while preparing for major examinations. I cannot remember the reason for the other two times but they must have been very valid reasons! I was 2 days late and had been expecting the period every single minute of the 2 days. I was almost certain that I was pregnant. Still we gave it a few weeks before doing a pregnancy test that confirmed I was pregnant.b8edc45e9e296dfc94dba196cae61fed

Confirmation of the pregnancy brought on the symptoms like a flood.  I wonder if the symptoms were there already but I refused to pay them heed.  Looking back though, I remember being a bit more tired than usual. Ah well, it was confirmed. I became nauseous, light headed; I was going to pee all the time. I vomited a few times but the constant spitting got the award for the most annoying symptom. My husband had to park the car a few times for me to spit. Gross! My mother-in-law, God bless her taught me to swallow deliberately and frequently to avoid excess spit from gathering in my mouth. That eased things up a bit. I was dizzy. Even when lying down, I could feel the world moving around me. I couldn’t drink water except it was extremely cold. Before I got pregnant, I didn’t like very cold water but then, I found myself munching on ice cubes.

By the second trimester, it was difficult to sleep. I would count the hours at night as they passed me by. I would finally sleep at about 3 or 4am. At first, I would lay down with my eyes closed not wanting to be blamed the next morning for my poor sleep. I finally accepted the insomnia and read novels and other books or watched movies until sleep came. Sometimes I could eat, other times I was not interested at all even though I would pay the price by becoming very weak. I easily got bored with the same food. After I ate rice and stew for instance, I would want at least a two day break before eating it again; this from someone who barely managed to cook for hubby and herself. Eating food from eateries was even worse as I had one complaint or the other- too salty, way too peppery or on some occasions I could not exactly pin point what was wrong with the food. Hubby saved me several times by getting into the kitchen to whip up food that I forced myself to eat because there was just no way I would have refused food that he labored to cook with love. I must add however that I only refused a plate of fried ripe plantain, stew and eggs just once. I could eat that every

Gradually, I settled into it. I was excited one day and anxious the next. I woke up some mornings rubbing my growing abdomen smiling and imagining my little angel. Other mornings, I wondered if I would be a good parent and if I was deserving of this great gift. All my faults would do a stare off contest with me. I was afraid that I would hurt my child with these faults or even worse pass on some of those faults to him either by nature or nurture.

Oh yes, him is correct. By the second ultra sound scan, my husband and I decided to check the sex of our baby. We both wanted to have a girl first but since I got pregnant, all I wanted was a healthy baby.

My husband was awesome through it all. He was a firm support for me. He would listen to my many oohs and aahs. He would swop positions on our bed at odd hours of the night just to make me comfortable. He would make me laugh and stop me from crying when I was about to or just be a big shoulder or broad chest to lean on when I cried. He would even take me out for a drive just to get rid of awful moods- that is one of the options to make a fussy baby stop crying by the way; that motion of the car probably sets a rhythm that calms the child down or rocks him to sleep. (This is coming from this big fussy baby over here). He was just simply perfect.

My mom called me every day and some days twice a day. “Don’t stress yourself”; “make sure you eat”; “hope you are not overworking yourself or lifting any heavy object”. My sisters called and fussed. My friends called. It dawned on me real fast that this was no joke.Silhouette of Woman Dancing and Praising God at Sunset

Yippee, I was going to become a mom.

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